Services For Notaries

Our aim is to enable you to offer a “value added” service to your clients in the form of a personal service for the legalisation of their documents at the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes. What you charge for this service is a matter for you.

Our Managing Director Neil Jopson LL.B. studied Conflict of Laws at University and was in practice as a solicitor for 35 years. He knows the needs and pressures of private practice. Unlike other couriers, we examine each document submitted to us for human error such as not signed, not, sealed, not dated, photocopy G.R.O. certificates, etc. and then contact the notary to obtain his or her authority to rectify them. We can also advise on current F.C.O. idiosyncrasies. Sorry, but this is an every day occurrence.

What we do – our terms.

We will act as your clerk / agents in receiving documents for legalisation; take them to the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes to be dealt with under the F.C.O. 24 hour Business Drop In Service; collect them with the apostille the next working next day; and post the documents back to you in your stamped and addressed envelope or by any other form of postage you may request and pay for. Time shall not however be  of the essence. We check the documents you have sent us; list them for the F.C.O. and pay the F.C.O. fee ourselves. We will try and resolve any problems with the documents with you for no extra fee.

As we have to pay the FCO fees our terms are strictly payment with order, by electronic bank transfer but we will treat your statement that payment has been made by bank transfer as an undertaking to that effect.

If the client is a commercial client, upon request we can give 30 days credit.

Our Bank Details will be supplied upon request.

You may also pay by debit or credit card, but only if you agree that there will be an administration fee of £5.00. to cover the card company charge to us, which not only reduces our fees, but those payable to the F.C.O.  Please contact us with your card details.

While we will use our best endeavours  to resolve any issues, we cannot accept any responsibility for ensuring that your documents meet the requirements of either the F.C.O. Legalisation Office, or any foreign Embassy or Consulate.

We comply with the Notaries’ Society Data Processing Terms in the processing of personal data.

We also give a free directory entry to our client notaries at

How to Order

For Notaries (and Solicitors) we have no special requirements. Just write to us on your headed notepaper telling us what you are sending us and what you want us to do. We do not accept cheques and upon request will furnish you with our bank details to enable you to make payment. Our scale of charges (VAT inclusive) is below.

Our Fees (Inclusive of VAT)

Our basic fee is £24.00 each for each ONE of your client transactions with up to 3 documents per client. A client is the person or persons who are the Appearer.

For each additional document over the first three per client, there will be an additional charge of £6.00 per document up to 10 further documents. For 14 – 30 documents add £4.80 each; for 31 – 50 documents add 3.60 each. Thereafter please contact us to agree a figure.

F.C.O.Legalisation Fees

The additional F.C.O. Fees are currently £30.00 per document.

Standard Return Postage

For standard return postage and packing, we do not use the DX.  Please supply a franked or stamped First Class return envelope and we will obtain proof of posting. Needless to say that we are not responsible for any delays, difficulties or losses occasioned by Royal Mail. Documents are posted by untracked post are done so at the clients own risk.

Other Postage and Packing (Inclusive of VAT)

We will prepare additional post and packing to return documents to you or your client by post or DHL. Needless to say that we are not responsible for any delays, difficulties or losses occasioned by Royal Mail or DHL. Documents are posted at the clients risk.

If you wish us to attend to both postage and packing:-

For First Class Post please supply a stamped envelope. We will address it.We will send by Recorded Delivery (“Signed For”) for packages of up to 500g for £7.00We will prepare and post using secure and tamper proof Special Delivery envelopes at a minimum charge of £12.00 for packetsup to 500g.We charge an additional £12.00 for AirSure or Signed For posting abroad up to 100g.

We can send documents up to 200g by DHL Express at £40.00 for the E.U.;£42.00 for Non-EU Europe (Inc. Turkey & Canary Islands) ; £44.00 for the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico and £53.00 for the rest of the World.

We accept no responsibility for delivery either by Royal Mail,  DHL or any other courier

Embassy Legalisation

Without fee or commission we will also send documents for consularisation to Blair Consular Services Ltd. who are totally independent of us. We will ask them to invoice you. We have an agreed set of fees with them.

Once Blairs have acknowledged receipt of the documents to us, we will deal with Blairs in the event of any delay or problems.


Finally, as we have to, we record that it is a term of our retainer that at all times we shall be acting as your agents, as if we were part of your office staff, and as such, under the umbrella of your professional indemnity policy.

We shall not be responsible above the level of our fees for any loss or damage caused by any fault of ours, directly or indirectly, and in instructing us you agree that this is reasonable, and further agree to indemnify us against all actions proceedings costs claims and demands of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising out of or in connection with your instructions to us.


Please contact us at or telephone Amanda Jopson on 0843 289 8395

Data Protection

We hereby confirm that client information you provide will only be used to carry out your instructions in obtaining legalisation of the clients documents and either returning them to you or to a third party by post or courier using only such information as the postal service or courier needs to deliver the documents. We destroy all correspondence after 8 weeks max.